What is the standard to choose? How to select a face shield that does not fail

Face shields and common lives are not very good, but it is overwhelmingly a mask as a measure against infections.

Therefore, when I wanted it, I wonder why it is good or honest.

Moreover,COVID-19There are many face shields and various things, and may be tired of finding their favorites.

Therefore, we tried to organize points each based on experiences that repeated trial production of face shield repeatedly.

This content is fortunate if you are troubled by choosing a face shield.

1 Choose at a price

The demand for face shields increased rapidly by COVID-19.In various market research, sales value statistics and future market size prediction are being made, and it has a lot that represents the content to maintain a rise tendency from a sudden rise.

However, many of them are disposable type. Disposable = cheap is natural. It can only be done by some super-wealthy layers how to dispose of one thousand yen and tens of thousands of yen.

If it is a display price such as the Internet, for example, one in the same price5,000If there is a circle, the same5,000Even if there is a circle or the shield part only by replacement and disposable type, even if it looks like the same price or the same, it is also a completely different unit price, such as the presence or absence of antiviral performance, etc. I have.

Therefore,Points to choose at prices = Important to organize what frequency, scenes and budgetsIt is considered.

  • A single use? OR Continuous Use?
  • Hygiene surfaces? OR Measures against Infectious Diseases?
  • Is the appearance and functionality are also sticky?
  • How much is your budget?

By illuminating the above items, you can narrow the choice relatively given you what you need.

2 Select by performance and function

It will be partially linked to the price of the preceding paragraph,Considering performance and function from use caseIs the most important in the selection of the face shield.

If you think about the measures against infections,The performance of "antibacterial and antiviral" was added more than just preventing splashesIt is considered better. Of course, I think that it is meaningful to prevent splashes and not flying, but there is also a risk of touching the product with the antigen attached to be attached and detached.

As many as many people have already known, the new coronavirus has several types of genotypes, and it seems that there is also a difference in the material of the genotype and adhesion, but its remaining period is a few hours to several days. It is also issued (confirmed by the documentation of the National Infection Institutes of Infectious Diseases).

If you think so, it will be higher than those who have fastered bacteria and viruses that have survived and infected with more faster infections, and those who do not survive and infected.

However, the word antimicrobial and antivirus itself is often ready, but if you try to add its performance to the product, it will still cost its cost = cost. Moreover, if those performance are acquired various authentication, etc.

As you see, many of the products have not been added to the antibacterial and antiviral performance itself, and there is no notation such as certification.

Other than thatUVDepending on the case of the addition value such as the cut will be important depending on the use scene.

As a matter of the author's concern, I feel that it may be usable or using the disposable thing regardless of use in infection measures. This concern is attributable to that there are many cases where the non-woven disposable mask continues to be used.

For non-woven masks, when washed and used, it may be maintained to some extent, but it is considered that performance has fallen more than the original state (it may be in other things) I'm sorry.

Now you will not know what to disposable, what is the face shield for the purpose. This assumes that it is an event that occurs because the cost and purpose are not clearly divided and organized.

【One point bean knowledge】

What kind of difference is the bactericidal, sterilization and antibacterial? Although details are not described, each meaning is different. In addition, the contents that can be written in various laws have been decided.

For example, sterilization is a pharmaceutical product or medication that is targeted by "Act on securing of medicines, medical devices, efficacy and safety, etc. (substitute for drug medical devices, etc.) It is used to display.

The disinfectant and antibacterial can be described in miscellaneous goods that do not fall under the above, but in antimicrobialsJisThe definition is defined in).

Besides, it is similar to that of fungus and bacteriostatic and sterilization, such as its effect.

Important matter isYou need to make sure yourself understood and use purchases and useIt is that.

Next is the functionality, but this is also a separate thousand. There are various types of shield (film) parts, etc. Other than that, it is good to take into account the specifications (size and weight) of each product.

We recommend that you use the location you want to use, time (length, time zone), move, or otherwise, including the scene.

Please imagine a medical drama. There are many elements to be considered, such as long-term, sweat, no shaded lamp and field of view. Long time = Light and stress with a feeling of wearing feeling, sweat = securing space for wiping, or without spaces, no shaded light = reflections and reflections, field = Wide-wide, no hindrance Things that the view is clear, etc.

It is stress as a reason that I focus on functionality. There is a stress as a voice that is often heard by wearing face shields and masks. Originally mounting itself may be some stress, but if you choose without considering function and specifications, you will be further loaded.


Points selected by performance and function = Purpose, scene, load (stress) is importantI think.

It can not be said uniformly, but it also takes into consideration what is good for performance and function = its price. Even if there is an antibacterial and antiviral description, options can be narrowed if it includes the presence or absence of public certification acquisition, and you can select what the functionality is firmly explained and published.

3 Choose in the appearance

In the items of 1 and 2, the face shield corresponding to your own goal is not throttled to some extent, but the commitment to the eyes you see is also one of the added value. This is a matter of taste of those who are particularly selected, so there is also necessary, unnecessary and individual differences.

If it is the same price, performance, function, it is necessary to choose even if it is necessary to say that it can be selected even if it is necessary, it is one of the stress and light measures, and the degree of satisfaction as consideration You can also imagine. (The above content may be in the case of personal purchases, and refer to item 5 for companies and groups.)

Refer to images and images such as HP, HP, advertising medium, etc.

4 Choose in consideration of the environment

Environmental considerations are required worldwide.

It is also considered that the option itself can be a social contribution to that the product itself is incorporated in the product itself and its manufacturing process.

For example, as a measure against infection, it is possible to simply compare products that can be disposable only for shields for splash protection purposes, and simply compared to those that can be used for the antibacterial and antiviral performance of the shield in a year.365By conversion364There is a difference in waste volume for a minute. This example is a disposable product250Day use × 40Assume that it is a yen / sheet, and one more1A year of 10,000 yen / sheet will be equivalent and equivalent, and the disposable product is more than the price and usage, will also lead to cost cuts. It may be possible to use the amount of cost cut to be used for any environmental measures.

(The above content is described as an example of something that can be simply compared, and it is not pointed out that it will deny disposable product or become an environmental problem)

The above is an example to the end, but I think that the way of thinking from such an environment can be one of the options.


5 Other

I think that you are often purchasing from companies and groups. At that time, based on the contents mentioned in the previous items, select from several points (if the expiration rate for purchasing the purchase is expensive), multiple people, multiple departments Wearing your opinion, it may take time, but it may be considered to take into account as a choice that does not fail.

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all5In the item, we listed points for selecting a face shield. If you want to buy a face shield from now on, please refer to the article as a reference.

in Japan2021As of November 11, the number of corona-infected people is largely reduced, and it appears likely to be fitted once, but there are also countries where the infection is re-expanding even with vaccination rates equivalent to Japan.

The author had a career of previous animal medical care, and also treated a vaccine for infection prevention. Administration and inoculation100%As long as it can be prevented, "vaccination = absolutely infected", "I do not get absolutely no significant". It can not be said that the vaccine inoculation does not even have a risk of expanding the infection.

In such a situation, when a face shield is required, it would be nice to be a help of people who are selected.