On this page, you can find our bulk purchase service channels for corporate customers.
Our products are recommended for those who need to provide face-to-face services or
meetings with their clients.
HIRAX AIR SHIELD is not only acquiring the antivirus and antibacterial mark
SIAA and the function of reflection preventing,
but also can be easily maintained and repeatedly used.
Please feel free to contact us.


Request for Sample

    • Please contact us from ."Inquiry"
    • Please specify "Inquiry for Free Sample Rent"

<Matters to be included>

Desired Commodity(color or size)・Number
The time we can get in touch with you easily

  • The lending period is 7 days from the date of sending.
  • The sending postage and return postage are paid by the customers.
  • We will explain the method for using after the arrival of the goods.

[Bill Payment(a charge account)※ Inspection designated by us

If you inquiry for bill payment (a charge account),
please send the business card of the person in charge to us via FAX or E-mail.
There is a simple inspection which is designated by us.
According to the result, there is the possibility that you can not inquiry the bill payment.
Please understand this matter.

The Flow from Estimate Request to Products Delivery

Estimate Request

Please request the estimate via inquiry from or telephone.


If you decide the purchase after receiving the estimate mail,
please contact us

Deposit(Bank Transfer・Receipt Issued)

After the order, a process of money payment will be followed.
Bank transfer and receipt issued are possible.

Commodity Shipment

We will ship the products within 2 business days after the order・payment is confirmed.

Commodity Delivery

The products will be delivered to the specified place designated by the customer.

Implement Achievements

The Beauty Industry

airly hair design
Ippei Goto

The medical industry

Rikita Hospital・Suzukamine Health Care Hospital
Koichi Ono

The Entertainment Industry 

Actors School Hiroshima
Michiko Toda

Use Scenes of Specific Industries

Achievements of HIRAX

Cooperation with Paris Collection

ANREALAGE wore HIRAX AIR SHIELD at the back stage of Paris Collection, which is
held on 2020.9.29.

No.1 Sales at MAKUAKE Site

We sold over 1,000 face shields of 1 million Yen during 2 weeks, from 2020.8.21~9.1.