Guidance of the service for corporation

In the HIRAX official site, I began bulk buying service for the visitor of the corporation.
It is recommended in waiting on customers and the business talk in the meeting, the scene meeting the person including various duties.

HIRAX AIR SHIELD acquires SIAA of a prevention of reflection function and the antibacterial antivirus
Not to mention the quality of the product being high
Because it is easy, I can use the maintenance repeatedly again and again.
Please refer willingly.


[matters that require attention]

Sample product request method

    • "Inquiry"I would like から, communication.
    • In the case of the inquiry of "the sample free of charge rental", please specify follows.

The Purchase hope product (a color and size), mark
The time when it is easy to get communication

  • It is seven days from sending it during the rental period.
  • The postage to send, the return charges become the visitor burden.
  • If a product arrives, I explain usage.

Our bill payment (selling on credit) ※ designated examination

When a bill payment (selling on credit) is hoped for,
I attach a business card of person in charge, and, please contact me by FAX or an email.
About the bill payment (selling on credit), there is our designated simple examination.
Because there is it when it is not available, thank you for your understanding beforehand.

I close the payment as a general rule on the end of the month and ask by cash payment at the end of the next month.
I do not accept the bills.

Flows from the request of the estimate to a notice

Estimate request

Over an inquiry form, a telephone, please ask it for an estimate.

Order decision

I suggest an estimated value by an email from us.
If an order is decided, please contact me.

The receipt of money (publication of bank transfer, the bill)

After order decision, I confirm it about a receipt of money method and advance to the procedure.
Bank transfer or the correspondence with the bill is possible.

Product shipment

The product with the stock ships an order after receipt of money confirmation in less than two business days.

It is sent the product

I send it to the place where a visitor had you appoint it.

The introduction results

The beauty industry

airly hair design
Ippei Goto

The medical industry

Medical corporation corporation excellent composition society
Power field Hospital, すずがみね 介護医療院
Koichi Ono

The entertainment industry

Actors school Hiroshima
Michiko Toda

I look at the use scene according to the type of industry

The results of HIRAX

The support to Paris this

I had you use HIRAX AIR SHIELD in the backside of the Paris this first digital show which ANREALAGE (Ann rear Reiji) state appeared on Tuesday, September 29, 2020.

It is face shield support amount of money NO.1 in Makuake

I took 5 million yen, the order more than 1,000 by the sale of approximately two weeks until from August 21, 2020 to September 1.

I have you introduce it in other famous media and department stores, various companies including the production spot. I update the introduction example at any time.