HIRAX. Omoi.

We HIRAX is based on the basic idea of contributing to a rich society by making use of the 80-year experience that we have cultivated in the Hiraoka Industrial Complex.

It is needed by people all over the world, not to be captured by the "manufacturing of things" of the past, and when necessary.I hope to be a company that delivers a smiling lifestyle.

So, for example,
It might be a big table, it might be a little clock.It can be said that it doesn't exist in the world right now.

We will create new values through a genre of genre, a quality product that is playless and playworthy.

It's collaboration with a variety of professional genres,
This is a very exciting journey (Journey) to continue to pursue the possibility that the world's knowledge and technology will be promoted to a higher elevation, in addition to the "manufacturing of things" in Japan.

In this process, we want to return the one made out of this to the world, and to make a smile on the face of the smiles.
That's what HIRAX is thinking.


Hiraoka Industries, which operates HIRAX, operates in the motto of the first and first customers in quality and is the first to operate the HIRAX.

Mainly dealt with metals such as iron, copper, aluminum stainless steel, metal, automobile parts, machine tools, etc.In the middle of this year, the resin gold type has been produced in more than 10000 surfaces.

The gold-type precision produced by our company is the precise world that requires 0.01mm to be required, and it is generally not common in everyday life.

HIRAX, based on the principles of precision processing technology and spirit, combines the power of various genres of professional professionals to develop high-quality products and deliver them to the end user directly.

We are always trying to create a beautiful product without a single minute, with a heart and a sincere efforts to create a sincere.

There are three things that HIRAX care about.

making things that you want to be useful in the world,

making things that you want to be useful in the world,

Why do people think they want to be "things"?

And that's the reality that's in front of you.
Maybe you want to get closer to the "ideals".

I tried to make the ideal better.
and the spirit of trying to make it more than the ideal
It has been passed down as a 'manufacturing of things' in Japan.

I know you all.

And some of the many products in the world
Fit and fit for myself.
It is a 'Mono' that can be used with a long, loving suit.

We know.

"Mono" is the glowing of attachment.
I thought of the use of the hand and the use of the hand.
It is a 'good thing' that is made with the mind.

It is the foundation of Japan's "manufacturing" Spirit.
By continuing to build 'good things',
I hope that you will be a part of the world.

the state of being obsesswith

the state of being obsesswith

"Der liebe gott steckt im detail." (God is in the details)
I have been loved by a lot of things that have been loved by a lot of these old people.
We love each other, and we continue to stick to the details.

That's ...
It was made up of the best and best possible.
The things that our spirit had in our minds:
not only the financial cost of the client,
This is because they believe that the burden of time, physical and mental burden can be reduced.

Waxe when the customer took the merchandise.
I was impressed by the moment I used it.
If the quality of life improves,
I can love you for a long time.

What you make is "Mono."
The "Koto" that is brought about
Toki, the 'human' used in ' hito '
And the 'saki' (saki).

the details of the patriners;
We need to take care of what we're excited about.
I am developing.

the act of making a connection between a person and a person (or a person's relationship)

the act of making a connection between a person and a person (or a person's relationship)

"Good things" cannot be created by a single force.
It is created by a lot of people and people.

The beginning is a small connection.

But I want to take care of each one of those encounters.
The encounter was called a new encounter,
and eventually, like molecular structures,
to grow into a three-dimensional, big connection.

in which you really have to be able to communicate
Omoi is hot, strong, strong,
And as partners develop into the "best friends,"
I believe you.

in collaboration with professionals in each genre,
The moment that new things that haven't been created
"No one was able to do it."
I remember the great inspiration.

The encounter is just the same as you can say.
I think it's the most important thing to think about, it's hard to get.


a facsimield with which HIRAX is obsessed
and I co-developed it with RickenTechnos Megane 21.

A smart form that looks pretty.
Reflection, UV99, cut, cut, calm, clean, comfortable, comfortable. Enjoy your comfortable place.

L size
(Reflection Prevention Type)
M size
(Reflection Prevention Type)
S size
(Reflection Prevention Type)