"Hirax Wall" is available to Keiko Toda of the actor.

From the entertainers, I received a request that "Can I make a face shield when the actor stands by?"

When the actor stands by in a shooting site such as a drama or a movie, it is often possible to have a delicate and accurate hair makeup, and when wearing a face shield, "I can not touch my face at all" and "the hairstyle is not broken" when wearing a face shield. There are various restrictions such as "easy to remove".
Besides, it was necessary to prevent antibacterial, antiviral, anti-virus, anti-virus and anti-virus and reflection, and to increase the area covering the face thoroughly preventing splashing.

As far as we know, it was not easy to clear those challenges in the face shield, which is generally out of the market.

HIRAX has excited to respond to those requests and repeated trial manufacture.

The name is also "HIRAX WALL"

Under such circumstances, I am used by Actor Toda's Keiko.

I also put on my blog.

※ We have received image use permission to Keiko Toda and his affiliation office


"HIRAX WALL" is a non-purchased product for custom-made products.

Hirax will continue to continue making things while closing the user, taking care of many lives from now on, and to contribute to society.


Please feel free to contact us, such as your comments, requests, custom made.