[Sakanaction Yamaguchiichiro INTAGRAM introduced in Instagram] Antibacterial and antiviral next generation face shield. Original OEM Free Estimated Reception "Limited"

Artist's Sakanacon Seiriro Seiriro I introduced in Instagram

[Hirax Air Shield-Dark Edition]
· Dark silk printed film
Matte black painting frame

【Sakanaction Yamaguchi Ikiro-sang image】


Face shield manufactured for operation staff at the event of the Sakanaction.

Of course, the event logo, the brand logo is printed on the shield, of course, the events logo.
We offered as a special specification of the design that also emphasizes design.

Weared at a shooting site, I introduced the Hirax Air Shield PRO-Dark Edition- "Hirax Air Shield PRO-Dark Edition" in the Instagram of Sakuro.


※ Please note that there is no plan to release in HIRAX.

[Product image]

At the shooting site of the drama and CM, strict infection measures are taken, such as the temperature and alcohol disinfection, and the number limit, but there are few opportunities to speak in face-to-face. "HiraX will continue to support companies that promote corona measures as high-performance next-generation face shields, which can be comfortable even if you have a face shield, which will be comfortable even if you have a face shield," .

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As mentioned above, it is currently in accepting OEM free estimated by only 3 companies.

For more informationHerePlease contact us from the inquiry form of the page.

It will end as soon as the capacity is reached.