HIRAX Maintenance Pack



FACE SHIELD with anti-reflection recommended by HIRAX (1 piece)

For women (smaller)
For women (smaller)
For women (smaller)

Description of item

HIRAX Maintenance Pack

Hirax Celite + Hirax Multi Cleaner Deals


Hirax Air Shield dedicated cross

Two sheets can be cooled more politely quickly and fingerprints and oil. (Please note that only one sheet is included in this product) is a purchase of Hirax CeliteHerePlease ask.

Size: 197mm × 197mm horizontal


Faceway, faight offices, faded faders, etc. The cleaning force was added to the disinfectant and antistatic effect.

[how to use]

Start to use, press several times until the liquid comes out. Separate the amount of 2 cm away from what you want to wash, blow an appropriate amount on both sides, wipe it with a soft cloth or tissue.

[please note]

It can not be used for contact lenses and underwater glasses. When I get in my eyes, wash with water and consult your doctor.


The accidents against the usage and how to use them are not responsible.

[Component / liquidity] Surfactant / neutral
[Capacity / application] 30 ml Cleaner
【Country of origin】 Japan


[Method of using maintenance pack video]


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