The performance of antibacterial and antivirals is also confirmed to be maintained at 50 hours home washing, but we recommend the following methods for cleaning the fabric or shape and to use longer.

About laundry method

· Do not use bleach, and hand wash with a neutral detergent.
(Washing machine and tumbler dry should be avoided as much as possible.)
· After washing, leave it as it is, or immediately after towel dry, and hang it with a windy shade avoiding direct sunlight and drying or dry.

Towel dry method

· Spread the mask on top of the towel and put another towel from the top.
· From the top of the covered towel, lightly sucks water while hitting with pom pom.
· It is completed if the water does not fall from the mask.

About how to dry

 ■In the case of hanging drying

Hook and dry the rubber string to hooks and washings.

 In the case of drainage

Stretch wrinkles and dry it in a flat place. (It is recommended to use the bath's lux, metal rack, pinch hanger)

  A good sunshine is basic

· As can be done, so that it is not sun dried so that the mask is not damaged.
· Please note that if you hit the sunlight directly and drill it, such as a color, etc. may cause trouble.

 ■When it is difficult to dry, use fans and circulators

-If it is dried in the room, it will dry quickly when you hit the wind with a fan or a circulator.
· Use of bathroom dryer is possible.

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