I used a face shield from the beginning, but with a prolonged Corona, I met this product when I was looking for a new shield that could be released.

What is actually used, especially like

· Antivirus and antibacterial

· Transparency that is not cloudy with steamer

· The field of view is cleared because it is not a glasses type

· Makeup and hairstyle can not collapse

· The angle of the shield can be adjusted.


I feel that myself is a good face shield for beauty jobs that provide beauty and offer beauty.

I'll use it carefully.


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Beautiful skin specialized salon BellisiaBellissia)

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1Day4Name Limited Luxury Space

Results emphasis is popular

Skin trouble improvement facial specialty store

Salon theme is365Day Stable Beautiful Skin "

Rare root improvement "Pure Beaute" and vitamin in SaitamaAIt was usedHARIFrom among various menus such as peeling and human stem cell care-We will provide beauty with your customers with the future beauty.

As it is guidance one person, it is safe without having to meet other customers♪

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