Industry Usage Scene

In 2020, the importance of anti-virus and hygiene management is increasing in society as a whole.
The use of face-shields not only for customers but also for the protection of staff is increasing, but is it really easy to use masks?
I heard voices of opinion around us, and I heard a lot of voices that I didn' t want to be in long time, and that I did not want to be a blind man, and that my hair style and makeup had fallen apart.
We have developed HIRAX AIR SHIELD to solve the challenges these people are feeling.
I would like to be able to support the creation of an environment where people can work and work with a smile, even if it doesn't exist for a while until now.

Passenger use

Hare Make-up artists
It is also used by the top hair makeup artists who have to pay attention to various parts of the world, such as appearance and work efficiency.
Beauty room
You can safely contact you with your face distance, and you can work on sensitive tasks with ease of reassured by reflection-prevention type and also clear to your hand.
Hospital and Dental Hospital
It is imperative to prevent transparent and reflective reflection in the case that the patient's distance is also close to the patient.
I designed the film so that it doesn't interfere with the neck or the shoulder when I work.
The design is designed to be easy to see, so you can appeal to your customers a lot of cheerful expressions.Due to the anti-virus material film, the opportunity to deal with the short range of the materials can be reassilable.
Aviation industry
Many clients and staff members at the airport will be able to show their faces to customers, and they will be able to demonstrate their safety and safety and respond to customers' safety.
radio personality
A personality that has a lot of opportunity to speak out and speak out in a close proximity to the other.You can speak well with anti-viral performance and don't care about droplets.
It is imperative to prevent transparent and reflective reflection in the process of seeing close proximate to the customer. The film's length was about 2 cm away from the mouth of the film, and we sought to reach the center and the safety of the film.
Music Classroom
You can also feel relieved when a lecturer and a student give lessons, such as songs, in the face of a song.You can watch your mouth motion and facial expressions for a good look at your face and look at your face.
Dancer Actors Lesson
I'm not worried if I have to fasten a breath of dance with my wings tightly fasten.In a clear view, the feet can be very clear.
opera singer
Vocal music has to look solidly on the stage with facial expressions.The anti-reflex function can be used to demonstrate a facial expression.I'm very familiar with the glitzy costume.
The Night's Shop
Try to experience the formos that look clean with a transparent film and a face as if you weren't wearing it.
Since the film is easy to add up and down, it is not a problem to drink with the customer.

Messages from HIRAX

It is possible to use any other type of industry other than those mentioned above.
HIRAX supports companies that want to protect their customers and staff.

Let' s overtake this period together.

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