HIRAX AIR SHIELD industry-specific use scene

Hirax Air Shield is widely used in many users in various scenes.
Hair makeup artist
Top Hair Makeup Artists who have to use a concern for various parts such as their appearance and work efficiency are also available.
Beauty salon
Even if the distance between the customer and the face is approaching, you can work with confidence with confidence, and you can work with confidence and ready to clear the hand with anti-reflection type.
Hospital, dentist
High transparency × anti-reflection prevention is required while the distance to the patient must also see hands nearby. The film was designed to prevent the film to interfere with the neck and shoulders when working and working.
As the face is susceptible to seeing easyness, you can appeal to customers a lot of bright expressions. Because of the antivirus material film, a close-range facing opportunity can work with confidence.
Aviation industry
Within the airport and staff members and staff, many staff members can show their faces firmly to our customers, appealing safe and safety.
Radio Personality
A personality with many opportunities to talk with a well-tongue well in a short distance. You can feel comfortable without worrying about splashing with antiviral performance.
The distance to the customer is often close, and the performance, etc. are required to see high transparency × reflection prevention. The film length was also approximately 2 cm away from the mouth and pursued comfort and safety.
Music classroom
Lecturers and students can rest assured that they are lessons such as songs. You can watch the movement and expression of the mouth for the design where the face looks tight.
Dancer Actors Lesson
There is no concern that you can notify if you have a fast and left and right wing. You can see the feet clearly in a clear view.
Opera singer
Voice of voices must be able to look closely to customers on the stage. The anti-reflection function can be firmly appealed. I am very well familiar with glittering costumes.
Beautiful skin specialized salon
Even with a cosmetic salon near the customer, the treatment can be done comfortably with a clear visibility without worrying about splashes.
Night shop
Experience highly transparent films and faces that look beautiful as if they are not attached. The upper and lower films of the film are easy to do, so they can not be troubled when drinking alcohol with customers.

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It is possible to use the above-mentioned industries.
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