Top hair makeup artist Hrofumi Kera

I have a good reputation for a hair technology producing feel of a material of various hair, and I resemble it, and, including a fashion magazine, New York and Paris, the artwork of collection and the musician in Tokyo, a seminar lecturer or a hair show give a multi-response from a natural to an original design.

Including Mr. Yasumasa Morimura who is a modern artist on behalf of Japan, collaboration with the artists of various genres including Mr. Imperial envoy Kawaharajo one people of the person of photographer, flower arrangement, Bunraku puppet trainer, perception green is development. It is introduced in and, in 2019, I perform the private exhibition in the public art museum as a Japanese hair makeup artist for the first time and "raised cultural value of the hair make" media, and it is with a topic.

I am in charge of "TSUBAKI" for many years in Shiseido. "Is not seized with a limit various one new thing tell, want to get along".

1992 entering a company, Shiseido top hair makeup artist. Shiseido beauty technology technical school graduation. Director of インターコワフュール Japan, Japanese association of hair design (NHDK) new hair fashion creation setting chairperson, Shiseido beauty technology technical school technical die Lecter, public corporate judicial person Japan beauty method association upper grade authorization lecturer. There is how-to book "KERAREATION" (mode company for women) which commented on application from the basics of creation carefully in the book.

I take office as the principal of hair makeup academy & studio SABFA in July, 2020.
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