FACE SHIELD with anti-reflection recommended by HIRAX (1 piece)

For women (smaller)
For women (smaller)
For women (smaller)

Description of the product

Antiviral and antibacterialWe use the high transparency film "Riquegaard" which has obtained the SIAA certification mark.

"Glasses 21"We jointly developed a mechanism to fix the face shield in the ear, and pursued a smart form and comfort that the face looks beautiful.

Anti-reflection function (AR) + high transparencyIn, to produce a clearer view.

The special coating achieves high durability and can be used without loss of transparency.


Use an elastomer that is soft and in close contact. It is stress-free even if I use it for a long time.


We use a special skin-friendly material. I realized a moderate hold feeling.

Form that does not interfere with the hairstyle and makeup.


Film moving

You can move the film up and down. This is useful when wiping sweat or drinking a drink.




Normal size (L: Face width140 to 170mm, Face vertical width160 to 200mm

Smaller size (M: Face width110 to 140mm, Face vertical width140 to 180mm

Children's size (S (number): Face width110 to 140mm, Face vertical width120 to 160mm






Smoked Black


How to measure face width

Measure between the right temple and the left temple.

Measure the distance from the center of the forehead to the tip of the forehead.


Care does not require disinfection with alcohol or hypochlorous acid water.

It is enough to wipe off lightly with a soft cloth.


About the warranty

What is the warranty period?From the date of purchase1MonthsIs.

If the date of purchase is unknown or if the receipt and delivery note are lost at the time of purchase, it will not be covered by the warranty service even within the warranty period. Only when used normally.


In the event of deterioration or malfunction due to product quality problems, we will replace it free of charge or repair it free of charge.


If there is a problem with the quality of the product, we will replace it free of charge or repair it free of charge.


We promise to make it completely made in Japan.


Be gentle and natural at any time. Please enjoy life with AIR.

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