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FACE SHIELD with anti-reflection recommended by HIRAX (1 piece)

For women (smaller)
For women (smaller)
For women (smaller)

※ This item will be sold by five sets.

" Description of item "

Antibacterial and antivirus mask Artisan

HiraX and GF8 collaboration achieved based on the full cooperation of the local Hiroshima Co., Ltd. (GF8) full-scale cooperation, which will handle famous Maison.

In order to make a comfortable and designed mask, using a domestic fabric with Krabo's "Cryens" from several tens of types, we are committed to domestic sewing and handmade, and after 20 trial manufacture and improvements,Antibacterial and antiviral domestic mask"Artisan"Was born.


 "Inko Bastetch"

To pursue sharp lookStitch can not be seen outside the maskInside covenantAdopted. Sewing skills by hand-sewing technologies Suppression to limit yoles to the limit.


Do not lose wrinkles and do not lose your designA total of 5 times the eye pressI am applying It takes time, but it is a commitment process for making an ideal mask.


The face line is beautifully showing, and trimming of the commitment to minimize the gap in which the virus enters. With a moderate fitPrevents skin rubbing and silhouette collapse.

"Center wire"

Based on your voice"Breathing is easy to respond" and "Masking" "Mask is difficult to touch the mouth and hygienic"Hirax X GF8 designed unique

Mask The vertical curve line on the front of the mask creates space in the mask by incorporating a flexible center wire and has a comfortable use.

Adopt center wire in center of mask

Secure space in mask with tension wire

Center wire can be adjusted

Unique design that glasses are hard to cloudy


"Eight cord"

In the ear cordMy ears are hard to hurtWe adopt soft material rubber.
In addition, by sewing the flat rubber directly to the mask fabric, I finished the eye where Yole was hard to appear in the vertical line of the mask.


Equipped with a size adjustable adjuster. Adjusting the length of the face according to the size of the face suppresses unpleasant ear pain.

"Long time Sarasara, hard to go to Mlee"

[Artisan] is Kurabo"CleanSe® / Clens ®"Domestic fabric appliedusing.

In addition, among the fabrics that have been preparedKnitted material with good touch and excellent water absorption quick dryingBecause it is adopted, it can be used comfortably even in the sweaty summer.


 1 Antibacterial and antiviral

Immobilized antibacterial component"ETAK® / I TAC"Powerfully immobilized on the fiber surfaceClub (Kurashiki Spanish Co., Ltd.)Unique processing technologyBySignificantly reduce the number of specific viruses (e-vibric viruses) on fibers and suppressing specific bacteria growth.

We have confirmed the effects of about 20 types of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi) and viruses, including bacteria that cause hairdresser disgusted odor.

2 Excellent laundry durability

Excellent durability After 50 home laundry, it is confirmed that the number of specific viruses on fibers is significantly reducedIt has been.

3 safety

Check high safety in various test tests.

4UV cut

WHITE →99.5% cut /Light Gray →98.0% cut

Artisan has a four-layer structure of Table 2 and Back 2 layers, and higher UV cut effects can be expected.


※ Antibacterial and antiviral processing is not intended for treatment and prevention of illness.

※ Antivirus processing does not suppress the work of the virus.

※ On the evaluation of antibacterial and antivirality, it is due to the original assessment of Kurabo.

 ETAK® (Ietac) is a graduate school of Hiroshima UniversityDoctoral Science Institute of Oral BiochemicalFixed to the object developed by Mr. Hiroki, ProfessorIngredients that long-term "anti-diseased" and "anti-previres" lastsis.

"ETAK®The material name of "is Octadecyl dimethyl (3-triethoxysilylpropyl) Ammonium chloride, and a quaternary ammonium salt such as benzalkonium chloride is used as a skin or mucous membrane drug at medical field.Synthesatized with toxysilane, it is possible to fix the antivarred drug on various surfaces, and it is a compound that can be easily diseased and anti-revusive.Based on drugs used for cleaning in the oral cavityIt has been commercialized.

※ ETAK® (I TAC) is a registered trademark of CampusMedico Corporation.

Method of wearing

1 About the side cord on both sidesAdjust the adjuster at any positionTo do.

2 Sequence can not be attached to the back of the maskAdjust center wire to arbitrary angle (line)To do.


Color isWhite (White) · Light Gray (Light Gray)Two types of

Size isL size · S sizeWe offer two types of.


"Color lineup"

"Size lineup"


The specifications of HIRAX × GF8 antibacterial and antivirus mask [Artisan] are as follows.

Please select the size that matches your face after confirmation.

● L Size: Length 140mm horizontal 125mm Weight about 12G ※ Measurement in the folded state

● M size: vertical 130mm horizontal 120 mm weight about 10 g ※ Measurement in the folded state

S size: Vertical 120mm horizontal 115mm Weight about 9G ※ Measurement in the folded state

● Color: White (White) / Light Gray (Light Gray)

material:CleanSe® / Clens ® Polyester 86% polyurethane 14%


customer's voice

It is easy to breathe compared to other cloth masks.

I felt that there was little eye making of eye makeup because the air escaped below it.

■ I used it aware of mouth breathing, but I do not mind the smell in the mask.

■ Design is cute and color is fashionable and fashionable and small face effect is outstanding.

■ There is little dorsal of the skin contact part.

■ Even if you are talking, there are few mask shift.

■ It is hard to become wrinkle.

■ Good comfortable.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does the effects of antibacterial and antivirals are diminished by washing?

There is no problem with the mask body or filter even if you wash it 50 times.

Q2. How often should I wash?
Antibacterial and antiviral function is attached, but after use it is recommended laundry.

Q3. Can I use glasses?
It can be used even if you are wearing glasses. The center wire is attached, and glasses are also difficult to get cloudy.

Q4. Is it easy to use in summer?
Yes, we use materials that can be used comfortably even in summer. In addition, it is easy to breathe with its own three-dimensional structure, and it is difficult to move.

Q5. How do I arrive?
We will deliver by courier.

Q6. What should I do if there is a defect in the product?
We have fully fully for product confirmation, but if there is a defect in the product, we will replace the product immediately. Please contact me within 3 days from the product arrival.The shipping cost for return is carried out, and the delivery fee will be borne by our company. There is a problem with hygiene for the opened product, so we can not return it. Please note.


"About warranty"

The warranty period isFrom the date of purchase1Monthis.

※ If the purchase date is unknown or the receipt and delivery card at the time of purchase, it will be not covered by warranty service within the warranty period. ※ Only when used normally.


Fully promises manufacture.

"About dispatch of products you have booked"

Shipping of this product is scheduled for the end of August.

Please wait for a while until the product arrives.

We will contact you by email as soon as the product shipping is completed.

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