Shiseido Top Hair Makeup Artist Hirofumi Tera has also been used!

He was also active behind the scenes of "ANREALAGE" Paris Collection by designer Kunihiko Morinaga.Shiseido Top Hair Makeup Artist Hirofumi TeraNext-Generation Face Shields to[HIRAX AIR SHIELD]We have you use!

Accurate visibility is required for hair and makeup. Even in such a severe business, Hirofumi Kira with regard to MIRAX AIR shield"Not refracted," "the field of vision is not distorted," "it doesn't reflect," "it's hard to cloud," "it's fit and stable."I received the impression, such as.

We are also using those who are active at the fore in the hair and makeup world!


It was a very gentle Mr. Hirofumi Tera who communicated with our representative Mr. Yoshisuke Hiraoka with a smile even during being busy!


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