"ANREALAGE" by designer Kunihiko Morinaga THE MIRAX AIR SHIELD was worn behind the scenes of Paris Collection!

Behind the scenes of designer Kunihiko Morinaga's "ANREALAGE" Paris Collection[HIRAX AIR SHIELD]It was worn.

We asked Kunihiko Morinaga what he thought of using our face shield. "High design suitable for fashion scene" "It is suitable for face-to-face communication because it does not reflect"And received the voice of rave reviews.



On September 29th, the second day of Fashion Week in Paris, the new Spring/Summer 2021 collection was released in digital show format!

It is a face shield recognized by the industry that you used in the field.


Anrealage Spring-Summer 2021 Collection ''HOME''

Anrealage Spring-Summer 2021 Backstage Movie 'HOME'' (Backstage Video)