Summer Holidays


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HIRAX Summer Club Club.


Sometimes it is a selfish, August 10, 2021 (Tuesday) to August 15th, 2021, and the product shipping / inquiry correspondence will be rested.


Product shipping before holidays is targeted for the product of order confirmation until Non, August 9, 2021.


20218Mon 9It will be shipped sequentially from August 16, 2011, August 16, 2011 (Mon.) from the afternoon to August 15th, 2021 (Sun).


For inquiries,20218Mon 9Sun (Mon) afternoon August 15th (Sun)Correspondence to customers who received inquiries will be supported from August 16, 2011 (Mon). (Depending on the content, the correspondence date may be back and forth)


If you are in a hurry, please pay attention to the above.


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