【HIRAX × GF8 Artisan】 Notice of Sales

Antimicrobial and antivirus mask [Hirax × GF8 Artisan], which has achieved the result of achieving the results that significantly exceeded the target amount due to the many supporters, the results of the product with many supporters "MAKUAKE", From the day (Mon), it will be sold from the HIRAX official site.


Nowadays, with the masks that can not be released It is an antibacterial and antivirus mask that was developed and produced a trial manufacture.


"MAKUAKE"We have a lot of happy evaluations from customers and monitors purchased in a preceding release.



From the customers who made a reservation at the Hirax Official site from last month, we plan to ship in the order of customers who purchased after sales of 8/23 (first-come-first-served basis). (In the case of out of stock, it may have time to ship shipment)


【HIRAX x GF8 Artisan】 Product details and purchaseHereOr Click on the image below to proceed to the product page.