Developer of immobilized antimicrobial component ETAKR [Hiroshima University Graduate School Hiroki Hiroki] and Hirax representative [Hiraoka Yosuke]

HiraX, a developer of immobilized antimicrobial component ETAKR containing CleanSe®-based fabric used for Hirax x GF8 Artisan [Prof. Hiroki Hiroki Oral Biochemical Science and Corporation] and Hirax Talk of representative [Hiraoka Yosuke] has been released on the Hirax Official YouTube Channel.

Principle of virus infection and description of explanation and development of ETAK® components, etc.Professor Hiroki NikawaEasy to understand.

Please take a look at the three short videos.


1 Benefits to mask the principle of virus infection


2TAK® Development Process and Commentary of Components


3 About the fabric provided by Cryense® / summary

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