Hirax Air Shield won the Good Design Award 2021 (Good Design Award).

HIRAX AIR SHIELD ButGOOD DESIGN AWARD 2021 (Good Design Award) WinnerDid.
The balance of the award details and judges can be viewed from the following links.


From the time of development, it is a product that has been committed to all aspects such as the functional surface such as antibacterial and antivirals, but also in all aspects such as comfort and design, and is a product made with cooperating companies and related parties. It is also a product that has been supported by a lot of users so far.

GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2021 (Good Design Award) was won, and thanks to the users who had a lot of political users, parties, thanks to everyone involved.

We will continue to work together to continue our efforts to create things that you can loved by everyone from now on, so thank you for Hirax.