【HIRAX x GF8 Artisan】 NEW COLOR "NAVY BLACK" Release

It has been very popular than the start of release [Hirax × GF8 Artisan] released a new color Black (Navy Black).

Sorry for the need for more than more users, we have commercialized through development and prototyping with GF8 (Yatsumi Corporation).

Using Krabo's Cryens, it is an antibacterial and antivirus mask. Since it is a classy color navy black, it can be used in any situation with formal casual.

The size is L size and M size only (S size sales are not available).

Please proceed from the link banner below for purchase.


As we are limited to quantity, please ask early.

New color Black (NAVY BLACK) of [Hirax × GF8 Artisan]Wear model of Welston PromotionYuko Wada(Image left) and the former Hiroshima Toyo CarpTennani ShinichiroIs.